Albacete, Spain capital of cutlery

Albacete, a Spanish city linked with the craft and industry of cutlery for six centuries, will be in charge of organising the 3rd World Capitals of Cutlery Meeting, which will take place from the 10th to the 12th of June 2022.

Ir a Albacete Turístico

Albacete, produces 90% of the Spanish Cutlery

The Knife making industry and its related businesses is one of the economic and industrial pillar of our province. It produces 90% of the Spanish Cutlery and it export 30 million euros annually

Formed fundamentally by small and medium businesses, there are 100 entrerprises, including artisans, manufacturers, industries shops, and auxiliary business.

The Knife making industry is divided in three important parts: domestic, professional and sporting, which have evolved in the distinct forms, in the function of market demands and the significant competition that has arisen in recent years.

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